18.03.2017 Teknoaidi live @ HardCore Finland UG


We are organizing a private collaboration core event with Kovaydin.NET, Finnish Gabber Promotions, Mindcore, Club Syndrome and Clockwork in Tampere region next month! Will play my music there and it’s also nice to have our friend Junkie Kut visit … Continue reading

Avaruusveli @ Speedcore Worldwide Podcast 098


Styles: Hardcore Techno, Speedcore, Flashcore, Cybercore, Shamancore, Atmospheric, Psychedelic

Core music for space and astral travel ·:)


01. HFK, Middle M – Redondance Cyclic [Bourinage Mental]

02. Icoste – Noise Reducer … Continue reading

06.01.2017 Teknoaidi live in Oulu


My first gig in 2017 will be at an underground party in Oulu (northern Finland) next week Friday. The lineup of the night consists mainly of psychedelic trance (suomisaundi, hi-tech etc.). Let’s see how the psy crowd in Oulu … Continue reading