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Psycore article and upcoming gigs


Last week I released a new article on The Hard Data about my investigations on “Psycore”. I discuss the various interpretations of what this hybrid term means to different people and scenes as well as my own experiences at … Continue reading

22.04.2017 Teknoaidi live @ HYTKY : Fauna (Helsinki)


My next booking is at an underground party in Helsinki later this month with an interesting lineup of techno, bass, experimental and shamancore music!
The organizer is Hytky:

HYTKY is a longstanding, non-profit techno music organisation located mainly … Continue reading

Shamancore from France and short updates

This track by Les Neiges Noires De Laponie was put on SoundCloud 7 months ago and I just noticed it now. It’s one of the first shamancore interpretations I’ve heard from someone other than me and Stak Etop. … Continue reading

18.03.2017 Teknoaidi live @ HardCore Finland UG


We are organizing a private collaboration core event with Kovaydin.NET, Finnish Gabber Promotions, Mindcore, Club Syndrome and Clockwork in Tampere region next month! Will play my music there and it’s also nice to have our friend Junkie Kut visit … Continue reading